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Most of the work was completed from 2021 through 2023 where I not only voiced all parts but mixed and edited. these samples range in in word count from 20,000 to 108,000.

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Senior (55+)


British (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) Scottish (General)


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The are being pushed back. Orvin ran to the wall when one of his men called out the warning, why the bloody rot are there? So many of them? He shouted over the ballista releasing javelins into the horde of demons as they scurried over the rooftops of man like a flag of rocks. Stig and the other vein were retreating from the field and running up the road toward the keep, raise the bridge and drop the gate. Orvin ordered his men as the Velin hurried across the draw bridge. Normally we would take care of the, but there are too many for us failing to handle alone. You need to prepare your men for battle. Juni said, stepping in front of ST set them up in groups of at least 10. They must stay together. They'll be easy prey. If they get separated, we'll do our best to hold them back. But it is a given that some will get through. Orvin started to turn away. When Juney grabbed his arm, every team should have at least four season warriors. His warrior shouted and quickly divided themselves into groups. Orvin returned to the wall and looked down the steep cliff face as the climbed the jagged stones, their claws digging into the hard rock life. There's magic in the universe by Levant Han. Thank you for picking up life. I hope that it will challenge and inspire you to look deep inside yourself to determine what life might be all about. Do you know the meaning of life? Some are completely convinced that they do others lament that they do. Not many others fall somewhere in the middle. Even if you did know the meaning of life, would it really matter? Knowledge is wonderful, but it isn't enough. Intelligence is required to use your knowledge effectively, knowledge and intelligence combined are still not enough. You also need moral values and discipline to make the right choices and to stay on the right path. All of the above plus empathy might be a good formula in your journey through life. His heart was beating so fast. He found it difficult to breathe. The orum was furious. The former king sat back in a fine leather chair, his fingers interlocked in a judgmental manner. I send you on a simple errand, an errand that could bring me one step closer to the end of a lifetime of struggle. And you managed to completely miss the fact that the one item I expressly requested you bring back is missing. Ingram swallowed hard. Every muscle in his face suddenly was made of stone as he tried to speak my Lord. The bounty hunter hired to track her must have taken the pendant without anyone knowing the orum scoffed excuses. All I hear from you are pitiful little excuses. I grow tired of excuses, especially from you, Commander. I pulled out my phone brought up my streaming music application, did a quick search on 18th century musicians and hit pay dirt. It was the era of Mozart Beethoven and Bach just restrained a glance at my screen. What are you doing? I queued the station and turned up the volume, leaving the phone on the side of the desk that sat next to the spell circle where Jester had been trapped for the last year. I watched with interest as he closed his eyes. If only momentarily did I tell you I met Beethoven. He said it was such a grand time. I would have so enjoyed watching his life drain out. But alas I became distracted to this day, I believe it was his mastery that saved his life. Some things are just too beautiful to destroy. You mean that of course not Felix, my dear boy. He said, Ludwig threw lavish parties, veritable feast of heathens and proper folk. I was loathe to disrupt such a good thing. The world was more forgiving of a few missing people back then. Now one must hurry and get the killing all done in a few years before we're found. What was this medusa's head which he had so rationally promised to bring his mother had often told him about Medusa far, far away on the very edge of the world, there lived three strange monsters. Sisters called gor guns. They had the bodies and faces of women, but they had wings of gold and terrible claws of brass and hair that was full of living servants. They were so awful to look upon that. No man could bear the sight of them, but whoever saw their faces was turned to stone, two of these monsters had charmed lives and no weapon could ever do them harm. But the youngest whose name was Medusa might be killed. If indeed anybody could find her and give her the final stroke. Why don't you ask for something worth the having? Why don't you ask for Medusa's head, for example, Medusa's head. It shall be these young men may give me horses, but you shall bring me my head. I will bring it.