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thistles. Carl Carl's the director of operations at an insurance company. In August, he turned a Cisco Business Critical Services. Specialized expertise for a long term solution. Healthcare has an overwhelming data problem. Increasingly complex analytics goals, exponential volumes of data, tougher governance and compliance requirements and endless streams of new sources means Healthcare's legacy. Band AIDS can no longer keep up duplicate entries, manual updates and multiple systems or sink that is little more than obscure journal entries. Any of this sound familiar to you need a quick refresher to perform a certain task. Looking for a permission and pledged piece to use in your shift started meeting? Look no further. We've got you covered. Adage Prediction from the weather company leverages ai and predictive modeling to prepare you for outages three days in advance. Here's how it works. Imagine doing business on a platform with the power to utilize data bringing insurers closer to the people they serve. Introducing the IBM insurance platform, your machines are talking. Do you know what they're saying? They're speaking through tens of thousands of sensors and data points, helping you analyze the health of your assets. They face unprecedented challenges, challenges that range from configuring and securing distributed devices to managing passwords and access to monitoring servers, networks and applications remotely. BB and T and SunTrust are now truest ah bank with purpose, inspiring and building better lives and communities. Around 14% of all submitted medical claims are rejected, with Medicare denying nearly 5% of claims submitted.