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the influence ofthe TV on students TV has become one ofthe the world's most important sorts off information opinion on entertainment students employs house ways on almost all other categories. Off people like watching TV. The influence ofthe TV on students depends on the type of programmes they watch on the amount of time they spent on watching TV innovation toe radios, TV programmes which can be useful to most people. There are programmes which would be particularly useful to students. Some programmes are related to school curriculums. On there are some which deal with moral values. There are also many other programmes at just the onus on Discovery Channel. National Geographic Channel, which are educated you as well as entertaining on, would be suitable to students at all levels. But the considerable percentage of students seem to prefer the kind off programmes which provide excitement rather than information. Some students are inclined towards things off crime and violence. Television violence is likely to have influence on young people. Research has shown that boys, as opposed to two high levels off TV violence, were 50% more likely to commit acts off violence than boys who had not been exposed it is opened that the tendency off violence among some students is partly due to influence off me. Students should be restrained from watching violence on TV. Students are glued to the TV, watching their favourite programmes there so engrossed in programmes that they forget about the studies and even negligee. Take food, X acidity, weaving affects their studies, asked Alice their health and can cause trouble. Students should our watching too much TV. They should see that TV does not adversely affect their studies or help. They should watch only the kind of programmes which would not have any negative influence on them.