Brett N. Raynor - Audiobook - Narration



Audiobook narration of a historical novel.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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stiff winds are blowing off the dunes of New Jersey as a heavy barge bucks and rolls in the choppy river. Four men struggle with yours, rowing into the wind. A wave slapped the sides of the boat, and salt spray shoots high over the gunnels. As Hercules Mulligan throws his brawn into one of the yours, he launches into a sea shanty. Phillip Hamilton lives back in the bow, arms folded, ankles crossed feet resting on the pistol case. He looks grimly at his cousin above the wind and slapping waves. Philip Church calls to him and encouragement. You all right? Yeah, just do it. Ricky did, and we'll go home. Phillip Hamilton nods, but he promised his father he'd wound Eker in the leg. He's hunted for years. Squirrels, Possum, Dear Fox. But he's never shot a man. Can it be very different? Despite the bravado and Mulligan's bold song, Philip turns and vomits over the side. He and his cousin exchange looks. This is it, facing your fear, becoming a man. Hamilton sits upright, dips his handkerchief in the river and wipes his face. Siegel's wheel and screech above a low hump of sand is the barge scrapes to a halt. Eager and Randolph are already in place. Mulligan leaps into the water and drags the barge up. The sandbar, then helps Hamilton out steady. Son Mulligan whispers and grips his hand. Philip looks into the Irishman's fat face and worries as fear is showing. Climbing up the sand dune, Philip Hamilton removes his coat and hat. He stretches his arms in the gusts of wind and ignores the nausea and the urge and his bowels. His head clears as he stares out over the broad gray Hudson back toward the low roofs and steeples of Manhattan. He looks a Tekere tall, smiling, cocky and decides he can shoot this man. He will shoot him. The wind ruffles is white blouse and dark hair. Church and Randolph toss a coin. Church wins. He and Randolph measure out 10 paces, and then church opens the pistol case and methodically face to face. He and Randolph load the pistols with wadding and balls. They push the balls down with the ramrod, Sprinkle black powder into the pans from a powder horn and **** back. The Flint Locks Church hands his cousin a pistol, then steps away. The gun is heavy as Philip F. Sit Randolph, hands eager, the other nice iron. Eker sneers, then looks at Philip, his dark I ***** Philip, who turned sideways to give Eker the smallest possible target. He feels his hand twitching, and he hates himself for it, for showing fear. Ready church calls into the wind. Eager nods and Hamilton nods present. The combatants stare at each other. Neither man raises his gun. Eager stairs domineering, hypnotic evil. Slowly. Hamilton raises his pistol and aims at Edgar's knee, but he can't pull the trigger when he sees the sneer of hatred on acres face, he panics and jerks his pistol higher, exposing his torso eager, calmly raises his gun and pulls the trigger. It explodes with a tongue of flame and a cloud of smoke. A searing hot pain rips into Philip Side as he jerks up on one foot, his finger squeezes the trigger. The gun fires and his shot goes wide. He spins and falls, groaning through clenched teeth. No