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hummingbirds can fly up down sideways forwards and backwards, and they do it fast with the highest flying speed of any bird relative to their body size. But all this activity comes at a cost. Hummingbirds spend a ton of energy, but they have found a way to make up for it. When food is scarce and they're feeling tired, hummingbirds go into hibernation like State to conserve energy. 2011 was a big year for Melissa McCarthy. She started the year by nabbing an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a comedy or her work on the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly. But that was just the beginning. In April, brides, maids hit theaters, and within months McCarthy was being recognized as one of the funniest people in Hollywood. The single most important thing you can do in plotting your novel is to establish a clear, compelling conflict. Think of it as the problem your protagonist has to solve in order for the story to reach its conclusion in a mystery novel, the conflict is fairly simple. The protagonist needs to solve the case. There could be twists, turns and complications along the way, but that fundamental conflict remains the same. Las Vegas has developed quite a reputation, you know, as the all night party capital of the world. But there's mawr to the city of sin than the major plot points of the hang over here. You can enjoy a world class meal from an award winning chef before taking in an A list concert, literally any night of the week.