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baritone Ukulele is the largest ukulele size. Baritones are often quite heavy, and the standard baritone sizes 30 inches or 76 centimeters. People seldom choose Baritone ukulele is their first instrument, mainly because it's quite large for a ukulele tenor. Ukulele zehr, considered to be the middle category of you kill a lease. It's one of those yuk sizes that air preferred by beginners and casual players, mostly because they're very portable. They're lightweight and the markets full of them. The concert ukulele has a larger neck and body construction while also having extra room between the Frets Concert. Ukulele are way easier to play, and they got their name because professional musicians tend to choose them for their marvelous sound. Soprano is one of the ukulele sizes that is considered to be a standard ukulele. Most people favor this class of ukulele because of the well rounded performance and the comfortable size of the design. Soprano ukulele fall into the middle category of ukulele, both in terms of weight and size. Super Soprano is the middle category between the soprano and concert ukulele. Super soprano Ukulele is have the same level of action as Sopranos, but they tend to mimic the sound of concert ukulele. The pineapple ukulele is just another variation of the soprano ukulele it features. The same size is a soprano around 20 inches, but it comes with a totally different design. It does not have a waist, so the sound output becomes fuller and deeper, mainly because of the wider soundboard area.