Colorful Character Voices (All Ages)

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British (General) North American (General) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes) North American (US South)


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Hi, I'm Wendy starman pop here. And this is my animation demo. What have you got behind your back? Cricket a paintball gun. Well, well, well, I'm sure you wouldn't want your father to find out about this. What do you say? We make a little deal. Go find grandma, some cookies to keep her mouth shut molasses or peanut butter. None of that crummy chocolate chip garbage. Why? Thank you kindly. I'm in the people soon and I do make a nice pot of tea. The secret is in the cattle, you know, shark attacks quicksand bread with chunks of seeds and nuts in them. These are just some of my nightmares as you can see from your test scores class. Most of you have done a pathetic job. Just like every man in my life. Dear Diary. I know I talk about myself a lot, but how are you doing? It must be lonely hanging out under my pillow all day. No other books to talk to. You know what? I'm going to leave a photo of Zach Afrin under the pillow and you know no pressure, but you two might hit it off. His eyebrows are way symmetrical. Oh my gosh, you are a lucky diary. My sweet said dumb dumb little lena, you're being the worst. Full of all. A sentimental fool. You're actually trying to help them. They say there are 32 major pressure points that can disable a living. I say they're not looking hard enough