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after nearly 20 years in Washington, D. C. Paul Ryan is feeling pretty fans giving his wealthy friends a massive tax cut while cheating hard working Wisconsin families out of health care coverage, pushing a health care plan. That means people over 50 would be charged upto five times more than younger consumers just to cut taxes for the rich Chad rusting, Kowski wants a country that is free, prosperous and strong. A vote for Chad Rostenkowski is a vote to put America back on the right track through lower taxes, reduce government spending and less regulation. There is a secretive network of anti union organizations with ties to the Coke brothers and other right wing billionaires. Since 2014 they've spent over $200 million attacking worker's rights on the West Coast. And here in the Northwest, those special interests are bankrolling the right wing Freedom family Jane English as a heck of a Rick one worth talking about. Jane English has stood up for our veterans. She's been consistently pro life and has been there to create jobs. Jane English has fought hard to keep taxes low while keeping our state's budget balanced as the bluegrass reaches up to the morning sun. Our Kentucky values sustain us as the winds of change blow. We need a strong voice fighting for our way of life. Rand Paul lives our values. You will take on those in Washington who spend too much destroying our liberty.