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In the new global economy, one of the growing labor trends is for companies to outsource jobs and even entire divisions to independent contractors and other businesses. This is all done in an effort to streamline operations and even save labor costs. No industry has gone completely unaffected, for even those jobs that require voice over talent have been outsourced.

For example, local companies who might have created their own televised advertisements in the past are now more likely to hire others. Not wanting to take time away from actually running their company, those who choose to outsource the job of creating their advertisements will often hire an independent voice actor to write and perform commercials for them.

Other companies that depend on a large call center to handle their orders will often choose to outsource the center to companies that specialize in providing operators and interactive voicemail. Such call centers may not be readily associated with the voice acting industry, but those who run call centers are often looking for talented actors who specialize in voice-related work to help them develop and record the prompts that customers must follow on an automated voicemail system.

Outsourcing is not just a phenomenon wherein American companies hire other American companies to do work for them. In fact, large corporations make headlines every day when they send jobs overseas in hopes of gaining some substantial labor cost savings. Those who work in voice industry should not be overly fearful because companies that hire voice actors are some of the least likely to ship jobs overseas. One of the main reasons for this is that even though a company might have its products constructed overseas, it still needs to sell them to U.S. residents. Jingles that feature American voices are far more likely to sell products in the United States than those that feature actors with foreign-sounding accents and are hard for many Americans to understand.

Another reason why voiceover jobs are not apt to be sent overseas is due to the preferences of individuals and corporations when they need to hire voice actors to record professional or entertaining voicemail greetings. American actors who specialize in voice-related work are generally going to know what other Americans like to hear in a telephone message and are going to be the better choice when it comes time to hire someone to do a voice-related job. is a North American-based company that is pleased to help companies who want to outsource voice talent find contractors to meet their needs. We also provide an avenue for voice actors to find a job that suits their talent. Check out our listings of actors who can meet your voicing needs or join to connect with others who might want to hire your vocal services.

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