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Vocal talent may be an essential element for putting together a high-quality voice-over, but it's not the only auditory element that goes into the process. Also important is background music, which can be used to set a lighthearted tone for an advertisement or to calm irate customers in a phone system recording. Unfortunately, obtaining or recording voice-over music can be incredibly expensive, as many artists require royalty payments every time their music is broadcast. Companies in the midst of financial turmoil may not be able to afford a traditional music setup, but with the help of, these organizations can still benefit from the presence of music in their voice-overs.

Royalty-Free Music Selection is proud to provide royalty-free voice-over music for clients and vocal artists alike. This voice-over background music spans a wide array of genres, with represented styles including acoustic, orchestral, blues, Celtic, teen pop and hip hop. Also represented is background music categorized by purpose, such as music that stimulates positive thinking, themes for newscasters and soundtrack music suited to extreme sport participants and spectators. All these are royalty-free and can easily be found in the vast music collection.

Sound Effects

Sound effects may be needed in conjunction with background music, especially when recording voice-overs for movies, video games and television advertisements. Certain parties elect to produce sound effects on their own, but without the proper technology or equipment, such effects come across as fake and cheaply-produced. Avoid the cheap-sounding effects and check out the collection featured at There, you will find sound clips of grandfather clocks, aliens, cats, tractors and nearly any other noise you can imagine.

Whether you are on the hunt for royalty free background music or sound effects, you should have no trouble finding the audio extras you need at Stop by and listen to an unparalleled selection of royalty free music!

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