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    Auctioneer Voices

    I'm at $650, and I want $700. $700, bid on $700!" Auctioneers are the audible musical flow of any auction. Their intense, rapid articulation of words are strung so closely together, make it hard to believe that those sounds are possible with the human voice!

    The auctioneer is a character who officiates and manages auctions. The auctioneer is a fast talking, concise and clear speaking individual. The auctioneer must speak clearly and quickly as the bidders must know what they are bidding on and what the current bid is, as well as have bids processed quickly.

    The auctioneer may shout, especially when surrounded by many people. The auctioneer may also speak in an excited manner as the bids go up as a means of encouraging bidders to increase their bids. The auctioneer should be loud, but not hard on the ears. The auctioneer repeats numbers often, in an attempt to create a call and response loop. Nailing this voice will allow you to sell your auctioneer voice to the highest bidder.

    When you need a lightning quick voice over delivery for your commercials, elearning content or any other project, you need an authentic auctioneer voice over. Explore authentic auctioneer voices today.