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    Fighter Pilot Voices

    The fighter pilot is a character in the military who flies aircraft. The pilot may be engaged in air to ground or air to air attacks. Fighter pilots are driven, dedicated, focused and disciplined. Fighter pilots also have sharp reflexes and think quickly, as necessary in a combat scenario. Fighter pilots are also good communicators, and work as a team to complete an objective. Depending on how skilled a fighter pilot is, he or she may fall into the category of an ace, which is a fighter pilot with at least five confirmed air to air victories resulting in the destruction of the opposing aircraft and pilot. Fighter pilots may have a distortion to their voices, a result of speaking through an oxygen mask or radio.

    Fighter pilots are organised into different categories, and work as teams with set objectives. Some fighter pilots may be on a reconnaissance mission, or on an escort mission. Other fighter pilots may be in active combat scenarios, bombing enemy positions, providing close air support, or maintaining air superiority, intercepting other pilots. Fighter pilots receive and send messages over a radio, and frequently update their superiors and team on position, changes in the environment, and any other issues. Team leaders will direct other fighter pilots in the group to achieve certain goals and issue orders. Fighter pilots are generally calm, but they could be upset in times of intense stress. Fighter pilots are generally concise in their communications, and use terminology that may take some time to acclimatise to.

    Fighter pilots can be seen in various forms of media, primarily in war movies and shows, as well as in war documentaries. Sometimes, fighter pilots can be seen in other genres, such as in the action, disaster and superhero genres. Perhaps the most memorable fictional fighter pilot examples are the fighter pilots in Star Wars, which have a large variety of fighter pilots split into diverse roles, differing in regard to teams, tactics, factions, and ability. The approach on the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope was inspired by the movie The Dam Busters, which was in turn inspired by a real operation. Fighter pilots can also be seen in war footage, and veteran fighter pilots have also posted interviews on their service. Observing fighter pilots, their speech, and behaviour can ensure you voice a fighter pilot with deadly precision.