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    Heckler Voices

    The heckler is a character who interrupts a speech, presentation or event, often through insulting the presenter or participants and yelling when others are quiet. The heckler character may also be contrarian, and speak in ways that evoke negative emotions from other members of the audience. The heckler may also ask questions that are disruptive, attempting to get his or her point across at an inappropriate time.

    Hecklers are most common in political, comedic and sporting settings. Hecklers are generally disliked by the people being heckled, though the people being heckled usually provide some form of response to hecklers. If the heckler is satisfied with the response, or has been verbally disarmed, he or she stops heckling. If the heckler is not satisfied, he or she may repeat the question or insult until the host of an event removes him or her. Sometimes, hecklers apologise if they recognise their actions were not proper, and were undignified, rash emotional outbursts.

    Hecklers are, by their very nature, disruptive, and usually disrespectful. Hecklers are also spontaneous; and very emotional. When voicing a heckler, you should identify both the situation the heckler character is in and the target of the heckling. Once you have established both of these factors, you can adjust the tone of the character to properly convey disgust, anger, disappointment or general irritability. With enough practice, you can voice a heckler in such a manner you could disrupt even the most focused speakers!