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    Henchman Voices

    The henchman is a character who works for a villain in a story. The henchman usually has a strong loyalty to his leader, and will do whatever is commanded of him, regardless of the legality, morality or consequences of executing said command. Henchmen are generally low ranking, expendable members of criminal or otherwise nefarious organisations. The henchman is usually a male character, though there are exceptions. The henchman may be less intelligent and use simple words and colloquial phrases, even when the setting is formal. Henchmen are usually eager to serve their bosses, and often attempt to prove their value, skill or achievements. Since bosses see many henchmen as expendable, this can lead to a great power imbalance between the two groups. Henchmen can be quite cruel and corrupt, especially when instructed to commit immoral or unlawful actions.

    The henchman character can be seen most often in war, action, crime and adventure movies, especially in the superhero and mob subgenres. Examples of henchmen include the stormtroopers in Star Wars and the minions in Despicable Me. These characters could also play larger roles, such as commanding Empire officers in Star Wars, as well. Observing how these characters behave can help you voice the perfect henchman.