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    Priest Voices

    The priest is a religious leader, a character who holds a position of authority in a church or other religious institution. The priest character’s primary responsibilities are living piously, taking care of his congregation, performing services and distributing sacraments. The priest is an authentic, honest character, devout and respectful. The priest character values order and hierarchy, and submits to higher authorities in the church. Priest characters have a variety of tasks, languages and methods of speaking, which display themselves in myriad ways, through the actions the priest character is performing.

    The priest character is most frequently seen at a Mass or other liturgical event. The priest character officiates services, and can sing, speak boldly, and read passages in a clear and even voice. The priest character can also speak softly when addressing a person directly, such as discreetly listening to a confession or giving a blessing. Priest characters may speak multiple languages, such as Latin alongside their native tongue. Priest characters can also be joyous, especially when baptising someone or celebrating a marriage. Priest characters may express a sorrowful acceptance when giving last rites, visiting the sick, or officiating a funeral. In a cathedral, the voice of the priest may echo or reverberate.

    Priest characters are usually more serious, reserved and take a vow of chastity, which leads to all of their relationships being platonic. As such, priest characters are generally mentors, teachers and leaders without much distraction, free to dedicate their lives wholly to discipline and duty. Priest characters are exclusively male in the Catholic and Orthodox church, and are similarly male in Christian churches. Other faith traditions may differ in this policy.

    Priest characters can be seen in many forms of media, but can most commonly be in religious services, online or in person, and can be contacted through local churches for counselling, sacraments and interviews. Priest characters appear in many religious films and shows, such as documentaries and biographies, as well as in some fictional films and television shows. By observing the faith being adhered to and the disciplines it entails, as well as the character and situations of the priest you are voicing, you can get a good feel of how a priest character speaks, and model it yourself. With faith and discipline, you, too, can speak as a priest character!