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    Smoker Voices

    The smoker is a character who smokes cigarettes, cigars or other flammable objects. The smoker character usually has a distinct voice, which is audibly lower pitched, more strained and more raspy than before the character started smoking. Male characters who smoke may be seen as having more of a masculine voice, with a rough, gravelly sound to it. Smoker characters may find it difficult to speak quietly.

    The smoker character’s voice changes are a result of various irritations and chemicals found in cigarettes and other chemicals. As such, the smoker character’s voice may change over time, either going from mild change to a more impacted voice with continual consumption, or slowly heal when smoking is ceased; though the effects usually remain in a mild manner if the character was a chronic smoker. The smoker voice can be seen at an extreme, when the smoker character can barely speak because the vocal cords have been destroyed. Smoker characters may also cough in between words, a consequence of having a congested, irritated throat.

    The smoker character can be seen more often in older movies and television shows, when smoking was as socially acceptable as drinking. Smoker characters have become less common with changes in the social attitude toward smoking, however they can still be seen in some modern movies and television shows. Smokers can also be seen in real life, and holding a conversation with a smoker can give you a cursory understanding of how a smoker sounds. Learning how to strain your vocal cords and lower your voice can help you imitate a smoker. If you have smoked in the past you may also have the added advantage of sounding more genuine, though it is highly recommended you do not smoke to imitate the voice of a smoker character further. With practice, you can learn how to voice a smoker character.