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Profile photo for Dan Weinberg

Dan Weinberg

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Additional Commercials 23

Voice Over Television Ad + 8 More
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Sven Ofner

Roztoky u Prahy, Czech Republic

Werewolf Character for a Ghost Train – Funfair Attraction – POS

Voice Over Animation + 17 More
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Zach Hoffman

Nashville, Tennessee

Z!H - Samsung - Conversational, Confident, Witty

Voice Over Video Narration + 21 More
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Nate Walsh

San Francisco, California

Conversational - White Board

Voice Over Video Narration + 21 More
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Kyle Busk

Brantford, Ontario

Character Demo

Voice Over Animation + 21 More
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David Medford

Dallas, Texas

130 Cartoon Soundalikes/Simpsons, Family Guy, Rick & Morty, etc

Voice Over Animation + 19 More
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Werewolf Voices

Have you written a character who changes shape on the night of a full moon? Werewolves are hybrid beings who exist as half human, half wolf.

The werewolf is a fantasy creature who is both human and wolf, and has two very different voices that are expressed depending on the form the werewolf is in at the time.

The human version of a werewolf sounds normal, and does not attract much attention. The wolf version of a werewolf, however, is much more animalistic, sounding wolf-like with grunts, barks and howls mixed in with regular speech. The werewolf is a frightening creature, so a menacing, terrifying voice fits the character quite well. To better voice a werewolf, it is recommended to listen to examples of real wolves, as well as characters from movies.

If the werewolf is a character in a children’s movie or a comedy, however, like the werewolves in the Hotel Transylvania series, it is better to remove some of the terror from the voice while keeping the animalistic sounds and pronunciations of words. In a children’s movie, the werewolf should be more of a fun character, unless it is specifically labeled as the antagonist of the story.

The perfect werewolf voice will have qualities that blend the alternating states of man and beast. Brute, ferocious, and dwelling in the woods, werewolves are cornerstones of the fantasy genre. Find your perfect werewolf voice here at Voices.com.