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    Wrestler Voices

    The wrestler is a character who wrestles either professionally or as a hobby. The professional wrestler character is a performer, with storylines and melodrama built up around his or her matches. The amateur wrestler character is more competitive, and exerts more effort in fights fought for his or her pleasure and desire to grow stronger. Amateur wrestler characters have the mindset of an athlete, while professional wrestlers have choreographed fights, and usually have a gimmick they employ, both in and outside of the ring. Wrestler characters are capable of taking blows and have a competitive attitude. Wrestler characters can be male or female; though they are almost always divided by sex in their competitions.

    Professional wrestler characters often have a gimmick, or persona, they adopt to tell a story and form an image for fans to root for. These gimmicks can range from being occupational, to fantasy characters, to portrayals of historical figures. These characters are often very flamboyant, confident and charismatic, and aim to captivate the attention and hearts of the audience. Personas are usually divided into two categories: “faces” and “heels”. Faces are the “good” characters in the match, while the heels are the “bad” characters in a match. Wrestler characters often choose which role they will be designated as, being comfortable with either praise or ridicule.

    Professional wrestling is often kayfabe, a term that means passing off pre-planned storylines and events being displayed as true; though that is not always the case. Two wrestler characters may have animosity between the two, real or not; as a result of what a written storyline says. These feuds are usually reinforced with much vigour by both wrestler characters, and they work to draw the crowd’s attention to the grievances the face has with the heel, and vice versa. Wrestler characters frequently engage in boisterous activities, being loud and attention seeking. The most prominent example of this behaviour would be the entrance of the wrestler to the ring, which is very dramatic, with noise, applause, and occasionally other elements announcing the entry of the wrestler character.

    Wrestler characters can be seen most often in real life on sports channels such as the WWE, and in movies about historical or fictional wrestlers. Wrestler characters can also be seen giving interviews and in recorded videos online. Real life wrestler characters may use social media or speak to sports news sources to challenge other wrestlers to a fight, or make another announcement to solidify their personas through advertising or social media. Observing the status of the wrestler you are voicing, be it amateur or professional, and identifying the gimmick and associated traits of your wrestler if it is a professional wrestler character, can help you find out what you need to make your voice perfect. Practice enough, and you will be sure to pin a job voicing a wrestler character down!