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    Zombie Voices

    When your script needs the moaning sound of an undead character who craves human flesh, then you must be in the market for a zombie voice.

    The zombie is an undead character and generally has an impaired voice, either by sickness or the decay of time. The zombie is not an intelligent character, either emitting drawn out groans, or screeching in a frenzied manner when on the offense. The zombie requires more creativity in voice distortion, whether it be using more sounds than words, having a raspy or pained voice, or by trying to sound sick.

    The zombie is a rather simplistic character, though achieving the right sound effect can be the difference between mediocre and outstanding. A proper moan of the stereotypical “braiiiinnss” and the brutish grunts of a zombie in a fight can make the zombie feel more menacing and add a sense of dread to a scene. When voicing a zombie, properly portraying the unintelligent, animalistic undead can make you stand out from the horde!

    Zombies frequently appear throughout horror movies and video games. While your classic zombie emits nothing but a series of creepy groans, several creators have put nuanced spins on the sounds of the undead. Browse this lineup to find your project's zombie voice today.