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Introducing Project Marketplace: Graphic of Managing Projects on Voices
A New Way to Earn on Voices: Create Your Projects Now...

We’re pleased to introduce Project Marketplace, a new way to get discovered and hired by clients. Project Marketplace will provide you with another way to...

Male audio producer sits at desk looking intently at a computer screen where he is using audio software to design a sonic logo
How We Created the Voices Sonic Logo

Need inspiration for establishing your brand’s audio identity? Read the story of how we created the Voices sonic logo from scratch.

Voices is Now Your Audio Services Marketplace: How...

The audio services marketplace where you hire freelancers in audio professions like voice over, translation, audio production, music, singing and more.

Launched: VoiceMatch is now JobMatch
VoiceMatch™ is now JobMatch™: How We Match Client...

We’re excited to announce that as of today, VoiceMatch™ has become JobMatch™. JobMatch™ compares your profile with a client’s job posting.

New Ways to Find and Favorite Talent
New Ways to Find and Favorite Talent

We're excited to share a new Browse experience, an improved Search experience, and exciting updates to Favorites.

Launched: Post Jobs in New Creative Services
Post Jobs in New Creative Services

With the launch of our new creative services, we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into how clients post jobs.

Product News
Experience Community with Your Voices Peers

Voices launched a new Community Forum that's exclusive to Voices members. Learn more about this exciting launch.

Company News
Upcoming Changes to our Terms of Service

Read a message from co-founder and CEO David Ciccarelli about changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy policy planned for May 9th, 2021.

Company News
Q&A: The Future of Voices as an Audio Services...

To address questions you may have around our plan to become an Audio Services Marketplace, we've gathered some additional information.

Company News
The Future of Voices as an Audio Services Marketplace

We're sharing our plan for Voices as an Audio Services Marketplace. Read this message from our Founder and CEO David Ciccarelli.

Q&A: Upcoming Changes to Fees

To provide more clarity around the upcoming changes to our fees, we've gathered some additional information to address questions you may have.

CEO Message: Upcoming Changes to Fees

We're making changes to our fees and improving the talent auditioning experience. Read this message from our CEO and Founder David Ciccarelli.

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