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5 Ways the Voice Actor's Life May Change Because of COVID-19

Learn about the five ways that voice actors' lives have changed since the emergence of COVID-19, and how to best navigate this new normal.

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How to Tweet Your Voice

Twitter's new feature enables users to record and share their voice. Learn how to tweet your voice and why it may alter how we communicate.

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CEO Blog Series: Voice Over Opportunities Opening...

Learn how AI and synthetic voice are opening up opportunities for brands and voice actors alike. Post by CEO, David Ciccarelli.

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CEO Blog Series: Announcing a United Brand Experience... and unite under one brand. Get important dates and learn about the key benefits for producers and talent agencies.

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CEO Blog Series: Introducing The Talent Agency Account

Talent agencies now have a unique account option on Learn how the Talent Agency Account can benefit your agency today.

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CEO Series: Report on the Global Voice Over Market

How large is the global voice over market? Find out here, including which industries are growing, and where opportunity lies.

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Size of the Global Voice Over Market Revealed

An independently commissioned study offers a comprehensive look at the size and value of the global voice over market. Read it here.

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Audio Plays Starring Role in “Sully”,...

How important are recordings from an airplane’s black box? Depending on the plane, they could literally change the course of history.

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Remembering Stuart McLean, Canada’s Storyteller

A tribute to Stuart McLean who touched the hearts of Canadians by chronicling the lives of his beloved Dave and Morley, on "The Vinyl Cafe."

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2017 Trends Report cover page
The 2017 Trends Report is Here

The current advertising landscape and North American media landscape is rapidly changing. Curious as to new and emerging trends? Read more here.

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Does Age Discrimination Affect Voice Actors?

How much does an actor's age figure into a casting decision? On Sept. 24th, 2016 a new law prohibits entertainment websites from posting an actor's age.

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Union VS. Non-union

The debate between joining a voice actor's union or remaining a non-union voice actor. Choose wisely depending on your personal circumstances.

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