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Voices Enterprise: Your Solution for Voice Over at...

We’re excited to announce our latest client membership plan: Voices Enterprise, your creative team's solution for voice over at scale.

Product News
Work with Talent in Real-Time with Live Directed...

Need talent for a live directed session? Our new search filters and talent profiles allow you to find the right talent for your project.

Close-up image of iPhone with Twitter homepage onscreen and headphones wrapped around its side
How to Tweet Your Voice

Twitter's new feature enables users to record and share their voice. Learn how to tweet your voice and why it may alter how we communicate.

Product News
Amplify Your Brand with Your Profile and Compliments

We know how important showing off skills are, so we’ve improved talent profiles and compliments to help you get hired more often.

A Message from our CEO: Black Lives Matter

We stand with our fellow colleagues, our clients and members of our marketplace, and our partners in the fight against injustice and systemic racism.

Product News
A Better Search Experience Is Here

We've improved our search experience to making finding the right talent for your job faster and easier. Learn more about those changes today.

Product News
What We Launched Over Winter 2020

A number of different and powerful new and updated features were released on our platform over the first three months of 2020. See them here.

Product News
More Flexible Revision Policies and Templates are Here

Learn about the improvements we've made to Revision Policies and Templates to help Talent submit auditions quickly and with better clarity.

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Voice Over
How to Write a Strong Proposal

Learn how to write an effective proposal that will tell clients who you are and what you’re capable of when you audition for voice over work.

Product News
Hire and Work Faster with Shortlists, Rehiring,...

We’ve introduced a number of new tools, and improvements to existing ones, to help you hire and work with voice talent even faster than ever before

Product News
New Tools to Work with Your Favorite Talent

Voices has updated Favorites and added a Rehire feature. Learn more now.

Product News
Introducing Revision Policies

Voices has added new ways for clients and voice over talent to work through revisions together. Learn more now.

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