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Job Posting Updates

We updated the Job Posting form, with new script length description options, usage options for broadcast work, & talent budget minimums by project type

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A Fresh Look, Same Great Experience!

In October of 2018, unveiled a brand new look. Learn all about how is more functional and beautiful than ever.

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Product Update: Edit Auditions
Product Update: Faster and Easier Audition Changes

A recent feature was released allowing talent to edit auditions faster and easier than ever before. Here's what it does and how to use it!

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Winter 2018 Product Release Notes

From increasing file limits, giving talent agencies a multi-audition upload feature, updating our TOS, setting broadcast budget minimums, migrating the site to...

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Product Update: Terms of Service
Terms of Service Update's terms of service have changed. Learn about the changes in this article, including how they affect clients and voice over actors.

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CEO Blog Series: Announcing a United Brand Experience... and unite under one brand. Learn all about the key benefits for talent, as well as the important dates to note.

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CEO Blog Series: Announcing a United Brand Experience... and unite under one brand. Get important dates and learn about the key benefits for producers and talent agencies.

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A banner image says "Product Update: Improved Job Statuses" and depicts samples of the job status buttons
Introducing Improved Job Statuses

Thanks to feedback from voice over talent community,'s Job Status icons and definitions are better than ever! Learn more now.

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screenshot depicts the job status screen that clients see, after they login to their account
Job Status Definitions: Easily Track Your Job Every...

It's easier than ever to track your voice over casting job. Learn how the Job Status definitions make it super simple!

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CEO Blog Series: Introducing The Talent Agency Account

Talent agencies now have a unique account option on Learn how the Talent Agency Account can benefit your agency today.

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CEO Series: Report on the Global Voice Over Market

How large is the global voice over market? Find out here, including which industries are growing, and where opportunity lies.

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Size of the Global Voice Over Market Revealed

An independently commissioned study offers a comprehensive look at the size and value of the global voice over market. Read it here.

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