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How to Transcribe a YouTube Video to Text Quickly

Transcription is a great accessbilitiy tool and also has SEO value. Here are some options to transcribe your YouTube video to text quickly.

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Wavve – The Ultimate Guide to Converting Audio...

Wavve is a service that let's you create a video from audio so you can share it on social media. Upload audio to Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube and LinkedIn.

behind the scenes production of a tv show. A camera close up on some food, with a woman standing at a counter, to the left of the close up, which is out of focus.
3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Video Production...

At every stage of video production there are opportunities to create multi-purpose content from still shots to podcasts. Learn how.

Person at desk, editing a video at the computer
Best Free Video Editing Software Programs: The...

Here's our roundup of the best free video editing software to get you started on growing your video editing skills.

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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2024

Growing your Youtube channel takes a mix of patience, curiosity, creativity, and these pro tips.

Dub vs Sub: The Debate Between Subtitles and Dubbing

Many industries and individuals have differing opinions when it comes to dubbing or subtitling content. We break down the dub vs. sub debate.

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Voice Acting
Best Explainer Video Voice Over Qualities

Explainer videos help educate your audiences about your brand vision. Find out which voice over qualities work best in explainer videos.

A millennial couple playing video games together
How to Hire Video Game Voice Actors in 2023

Learn about the skills that all video game voice actors should hone, plus the key trends affecting the industry in 2024.

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What Is a Transcription?

What is transcription, how is it used, and what are its benefits? This article takes a look at this powerful and often overlooked tool.

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How to Hire Dubbing Artists for Animated Films

Learn everything about hiring dubbing artists for your animated project to help it be an international success.

Netflix home screen on laptop
How Netflix Became the World's First International Movie Studio

With a global content strategy, you can reach audiences all around the world. Explore how Netflix leaned into its local-language content.

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How to Create Explainer Videos [Complete Guide]

Explainer videos are a great way to connect with large audiences. Learn how to make an awesome explainer video for your brand.

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