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Voice Acting
Best Explainer Video Voice Over Qualities

Great explainer videos not only have the best visuals, but also attractive voice overs that instantly catch the viewer's attention.

Closeup of equipment in a videographer's grip
Making the Most of Your Video Production Schedule

Tips and tricks on how to maximize your video production schedule so you can make the most of content creation opportunities. Read now!

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Knowing When to Incorporate Accents into Advertising

The results from these studies about accents in advertising will help you decide when to use accents.

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How To Make Video Games More Accessible Through Sound Design

Tactics for how video game designers can make games more accessible through their video game sound design.

Killer Explainer Video
5 Stages for Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Videos are becoming a popular digital marketing strategy, but what truly makes a successful explainer video? Read 5 stages to take you to the top here.

The Art of Subtitling & Dubbing for International Markets
Subtitling and Dubbing for International Markets

A look at how subtitling & dubbing are used across the world by clients who want to distribute their messages on an international scale.

Updating outdated voice overs. A man jumps from an old computer into a new one.
What to do When Elearning Video Voice Overs are...

Four scenarios you may find yourself in when updating outdated elearning voice overs and how you can seamlessly refresh your content.

Common Storylines in Animated Films

How do stories bind us together, and reach a broader audience? There are many new animated films following a specific plot layout to do just that.

The Power of Narrators in Video Production

Guest Author ManMade Media, a production company from Denver, shares why narration in in video is so effective from a producers prospective.

The Importance of Saying Someone’s Name Properly

Saying someones name properly forms a relationship and shows respect for the person you are engaging with, it shows significance.

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