Stethoscope with a heartIf you’ve been having any difficulty using the site since it launched earlier today (Monday), I have some updates to share with you that will explain any inconveniences you may have experienced.

To learn more about “Known Issues”, that is, bugs that we’re aware of at that are being investigated and solved, keep reading.

Unforeseen Issues Post-Launch

As with any launch, things can get rather complicated considering the complexity of this endeavor.
For some time now we have been calling this upgrade to the service a “redesign” for simplicity’s sake, but the truth of the matter is that it was an entire reengineering of the service!

To put this into perspective:

๏ We literally rewrote every line of code in the entire system (tens of thousands at least)
๏ We used a new architecture model which improved the speed, stability and security
๏ We installed the new system on new enterprise-level servers (in plain English, these are the best and fastest servers available on the planet)
๏ We imported over 5,000,000 (5 million) records into the new database
๏ We tested and tested and tested some more
Having said that, let’s discuss what we’re working on right now.

Known Issues

We’ve already fixed 459 bugs over the last 3 weeks. To spare you the details, we’re only going to talk about the bugs that have yet to be resolved, namely:
1. Correctly matching jobs to profile details and preference selections.
2. Resizing of profile images.
3. Some demos on profiles do not play.

Do It Yourself Fixes

If you’d like to take a hands-off approach and wait for us to fix them, we’ll get to them as soon as we can, but for those of you who’d rather take the initiative and address these yourselves immediately, here’s what you can do:
1. To filter jobs, select your preferences and complete your profile.
2. If you have a ridiculously large profile image, delete it and upload it again.
3. If your demo is not playing properly right now, delete it and upload it again.

Give Us Your Feedback

Ultimately, we want to make you happy.
You can send us your feedback by:
๏ Filling out this form
๏ Email Customer Care to report an issue that you believe has not yet been addressed
๏ Take the 30 Second Redesign Survey
To your success!
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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Classically trained in voice, piano, violin and musical theatre, as well as a respected mentor and industry speaker, Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, her podcast Sound Stories serves an audience that wants to achieve excellence in storytelling. Stephanie is found on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list three times (2013, 2015 and 2016), a ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs, and is the author of Voice Acting for Dummies®.


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I know this is a HUGE undertaking, and I’m sure the bugs will all get fixed eventually. A few of the things I found so far are:
    When trying to update the fields of my profile that hadn’t transferred correctly, I entered the info and then clicked save and I kept getting an error message that my email was already on file and it wouldn’t save the other info. So, I changed to a different email address and it did save the other info. Since it wasn’t the email I wanted to use for my profile, I went into edit again and changed it back, clicked save, but again got the error message it was on file. So, since it was “on file” I tried leaving it blank, but got an error message that I had to have an email address. Tried the original email address again, but got the original error message that it was on file. So, I gave up for yesterday…… See where I’m going with this? I either couldn’t make any of my other changes or had to enter an email address that I really didn’t want to use.
    On the demos, I also noticed that some wouldn’t play, but I thought I’d try “tagging” the ones I had. However, I couldn’t seem to get the tags to work. Are we only allowed 1 tag per demo? I couldn’t find a way to list multiple tags. I tried holding the control key and selecting more than one tag from the pull down menu, but that didn’t work. I didn’t have any more time to spend on it and just gave up for the day. I was too booked yesterday to continue, but I’ll try to find some time today to see if I can figure it all out. Maybe I need to watch or read a tutorial, but I thought it would probably be pretty user friendly and I could figure it out, but….. we’ll see if I can.
    Thanks, Melanie

  2. Hi Melanie,
    Thank you for your comment and for raising your concerns about the email issue you ran into.
    This is in place to prevent duplicate accounts. Now, if you have a client account in the system that already has your preferred email address, there will be an issue and you’ll need to change the email address in one of your two accounts. I see you have already done that. Thank you.
    If this is affecting anyone else:
    In your account, (regardless of the email issues) you should be able to upload demos, create products, and more, however as Melanie had noted on the Profile page, you cannot alter the information until the duplicate email issue is resolved. If you have a client account, I suggest using a secondary email address and use your preferred email address in your voice talent account.
    With regard to the tags, I will need to look into this and get back to you.
    There are PDF user guides available now for both clients and voice talents, accessible for download in my previous post and also in the Help section.
    Thank you,

  3. Oh, well, the tags DID work today! Yippee! I was able to add multiple tags to the demo by holding “control” and clicking on the tags in the drop down list. However, the demo doesn’t play, so I guess I’m going to have delete it and upload it all again….
    Still having the issue with my profile and my email address. Just tried to change it back to the correct email and got the error message:
    “The entered email is already in our system. Click here to sign in or for password reminder or enter another email address.”
    Of course, I was already signed in to get this far…, maybe there will be some help on this issue soon.
    I can just imagine everyone scrambling around there…..what a big job!!

  4. Stephanie~
    I think overall you and your team have done a great job! Of course, you’ll be fine tuning it. For those of us who rely on for a good portion of our work the sooner the fixes the better. FYI- I’m finding I’m responding again to jobs already responded to and/or that have been booked? That’s been weird. ….so that should be an area of paramount concern to double-check. Also, with regard to feedback. I must admit I’m unhappy with this feature. Talent should have feedback provide ONLY from those clients with whom they have struck a deal and processed work through Not from auditions or for any other reason. I have discovered “feedback” from people I have zero idea who they are or why they have left the feedback. Please look into the glitch and/or re-think this!
    Best wishes

  5. Hi Melanie, James and Vicki,
    Thank you again for your comments. Some light on the feedback / reviews:
    Star ratings for talent are based upon feedback provided by clients at the completion of the SurePay escrow process. Comments can be left for the talent by those reviewing their site but not actual feedback ratings.
    As you’ve noted James, this is yet another issue we’re working through. Only clients you have actually worked with at using SurePay should be able to give ratings and reviews.
    Thanks for the support and vote of confidence 🙂 We greatly appreciate it.
    Best wishes,

  6. Hey there, folks…
    At first, there was panic (AAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHH). Then, after my wife slapped me a couple of times and turned the firehose on me I began to understand….this is the price of progress,the anticipated hiccup that always comes when change (!) is inevitable.
    It works BEAUTIFULLY.
    Thanks for a new tool to help further our careers.
    And, uh… sorry about the screaming.

  7. Stephanie,
    I’m wondering about the categories. On the old site, you could feature a demo and it would show up under that category. For example, my e-Learning demo showed up in the Educational category, my Podcast demo showed up in the Podcast category, and so on.
    Now, I have the same demo showing up in every category. Is that going to be changed?
    Also, it seems that no matter which category you click on, the same talents are showing up, whereas before it seemed to be more of a mix.

  8. Hi Herb and Tim,
    Thank you very much for your comments. I’m thrilled to say that many more of the bugs have been solved over the past day, including the jobs being displayed according to your profile and preferences.
    @Tim – Thank you for your question. Yes, the categories do live on! They are linked on the home page below the Top 10 lists. I think you were looking at the Top 10 lists (Most Listens, Recently Hired, etc.). Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a familiar sight. There is quite the variety of talent listed within each category. The layout is slightly different but more engaging and functional.
    Here’s a link to one of the categories:
    All of the categories are setup like this now.
    Thank you again for your feedback and comments!
    Our entire team is grateful for the patience and support that has been shown to us by many of you. Thank you for that. You have no idea how much it means to receive a kind, patient email in the midst of what has been the single most stressful and certainly the most ambitious endeavor in the history of our company.
    Best wishes,

  9. Hey Stephanie
    Love the new features, it’s nice to be able to see how much competition your up against and that your demos are being listened to.
    2 questions though (so far, haven’t clicked around a lot yet)
    1) Is the number of plays listed next to a users demo’s the amount since they were uploaded or just since the relaunch?
    2) There doesn’t seem to be any new job postings since, well a couple of days anyway. Is this a glitch for me or just actual fact? Works out fine for me as it turns out as I have a cold anyway!
    Thanks in advance

  10. Stephanie,
    First, my hats off to the entire team. You’ve done a massive amount of work and I’m sure it’s tough to hear mostly about what’s wrong. However, I don’t think you’re quite grasping the nature and extent of what’s blown up about the categories as noted by Tim above. If, for example, I click through on the link you provided in your reply to Tim, and I search for English (North American), Male, Middle-aged, Financial Core … there I am on the second page of results. However, the demo that plays is my Smooth Jazz radio imaging demo. Even though all indications are that I’m searching for Television. The same demo plays if I’m searching the Movie Trailer category. And so forth and so on with every possible category. And yes, I’ve made sure all of my demos are playing properly and have the category and tag information set.
    Try it and see. Maybe it’s just my computer? Though if that were the case, it doesn’t explain why the tags for my Smooth Jazz radio imaging demo also show up with the demo in every category.
    I’m confident all of this little issues will be resolved in due time. Just want to help clarify the scope of this particular issue and help you and the rest of the team see that it’s not yet resolved.
    Be well,

  11. Hi Stephanie,
    Yes, I’m looking at the Categories. My concern is that the demo associated with a particular category doesn’t play for my listing in that category. For example, when I go to the Podcast category, find my listing and play my demo, the demo is actually my Narration demo not the Podcast one. Likewise when I find my listing in the Television category it plays my Narration demo. The old site used to play the demo appropriate for the particular category, but that doesn’t seem to be happening now. No matter what category I’m listed in, only my Narration demo plays.

  12. Hi Dave,
    Thank you for your comment and questions. I’ll answer them now:
    1. The number of plays you see beside each demo are just since the launch.
    2. No jobs have been posted over the past couple of days. You will see jobs approved soon – we wanted to be sure that certain issues were overcome before adding more complexity in these early stages.

  13. As Dave said – the search feature is kind of blown right now. Some talents are showing up 3 to 6 times in a row on the same page. Imaging demos are playing for everyone on the site, and my demos were actually linked to two women and some other guy. As per your suggestion I deleted them and reloaded them – which fixed that issue.

  14. Hi Stephanie – congratulations on the culmination of a huge amount of work!
    I haven’t had a chance to try out the site, as I haven’t received any leads since the launch. I think something is amiss in that regard. My preferences are set, and the jobs seem to be there, but nothing coming to my email.
    Mary McK.

  15. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for your encouragement and also for your comment about jobs.
    There have not been any jobs approved as of yet but will be today. The jobs you are seeing were likely open from before the launch.
    You should be receiving notifications soon once jobs start being approved.
    Best wishes,

  16. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with the changes. In the old world, we were able to delete multiple leads at once – in fact a whole page of them (10) at a time. Is there a plan to make this feature available in the new world or will we have to open each lead in order to delete it?

  17. One more small issue – if I delete a lead accidentally, it can still be viewed but is there a way to undelete it and reply to it?

  18. Hi, Stephanie.
    I just replied to a job and noticed the built-in SurePay calculator. I toggled my “Preferences” to try to get it to go away, but it seems that talent no longer has any option but to use your escrow service. I hope that’s a bug, and not a “feature”.
    While I grasp the wisdom of using such a service, there might be instances (for example, working with a church in my denomination) when I would assume that risk and potentially save the client a few bucks, which he could use to hire me again. The choice should be the talent’s, as it was before.
    Dan Popp/Colors Audio

  19. I’m a little confused here. Was there a notice that went out about an increase in fees? I just noticed that my membership fee increased by $10.00 since this upgrade to the site. Did I miss something?
    My best,

  20. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for your question. To answer you, no, the subscription fees did not go up with the launch of the new site.
    What you may be seeing is a display issue only that is not affecting your subscription with us through PayPal or otherwise. We are working on this.
    Thank you for asking 🙂

  21. Hi Dan,
    Thank you for your comment and question. What you are describing is not a bug, it’s a slight modification. SurePay has always been part of’s audition / hiring cycle, it’s just now that you’re seeing the transaction ahead of time instead of after you have won the gig.
    Before the SurePay escrow transaction fee would appear upon accepting a job offer and the client would see your quote along with the 10% transaction fee added on top of something that they potentially did not expect if they were unfamiliar with our service. Clients told us that they were fine with the transaction fee and that their only issue was that they wanted to know that the final cost for the voice over (including SurePay) was in the talent quote. This is now the case since this modification to the process.
    To clarify, voice talent have always been able to decide how it is that they want to be paid by their clients. This modification has not taken those rights away from you. What it has done is make it significantly easier for you to be hired by clients who want to use the service to hire talent from start to finish.
    Best wishes,

  22. Hi All,
    I’m happy to relay that more of these past known issues have been resolved. We’re still working on a number of things and appreciate your patience.
    If you are reporting an issue or concern, please do so in a brief, descriptive and pleasant manner.
    Best wishes,


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