What We Launched Over Winter 2020

It’s been a busy and challenging start to 2020 to say the least, but this hasn’t stopped us from introducing new features and tools to help our Clients and Talent work through their creative voice over projects. To recap and review what we introduced over the course of a year, we are launching a new series of blog posts, called Platform Update Recaps. The first in this series, will cover what we launched over Winter 2020, which includes the months of January through to March. Without further ado, let’s take a look back at what we’ve done.


Voices Plus: An Agency’s Secret Weapon to Overdeliver

We started 2020 with a bang, launching our first ever subscription-based membership plan for Clients in the creative agency space, Voices Plus:

Voices Plus offers exclusive productivity tools to help creative agencies deliver top-notch voice over at lightning speed by allowing them to:

  • get auditions up to 30% faster with Featured Jobs;
  • download their auditions for more flexible collaboration;
  • show off their brand when sharing short lists externally;
  • get unlimited access to our union actor marketplace, and;
  • receive priority customer support


Take Voices Anywhere with the Voices Mobile App

We followed up the launch of Voices Plus with another exciting launch, this time with a completely updated Voices Mobile App. Available on Android and iOS, our new mobile app offers a beautiful, high-quality, and feature-rich experience similar to the one offered with our web app.


Post Jobs Even Faster with our Refreshed Job Posting Form

March kicked off with a refreshed Job Posting Form for our Client members. This new form was designed to reduce the amount of time required to complete by introducing more dynamic selection options and new fields like Character, Audience, and Special Requests. Our Talent members benefited from this change by getting more concise, and clearer direction, in Job Postings. 

Revision Policies and Additional Payments Enable Faster, more Transparent Working Relationships

March continued with the introduction of on-platform revisions and additional payments. These features were designed to allow both Clients and Talent to work through revisions more efficiently during a job, while providing both with more transparency when hiring decisions are made. After feedback from our Talent community, we ultimately rolled back Revision Policies to give us time to improve them (more on that later), but Add a Payment remained. 

Rehiring and Improved Favorites Lists Empower Clients to Work with their Favorite Talent

We closed the first season of 2020 with two new tools designed to help our Client members keep track of and rehire their favorite Talent. More powerful Favorites Lists with the ability to invite everyone to a Job, the new Rehire button, and better surfacing of Talent that Clients worked with previously, were added to ensure strong working relationships continued through to future Jobs. 

What’s Coming up for Spring 2020

While we’ve already launched better Shortlisting functionality for Clients, and more flexible and powerful Revision Policies and Templates for Talent, Spring 2020 promises to be full of more exciting features, such as:

  • Improved Search functionality and usability 
  • Cleaner and more informative Job List and Job Detail pages 
  • Providing account insights on transactions

Our goal is to have these exciting new features ready over the next couple of months, but as is always the case with development, they may evolve and slide into next season. Regardless, keep an eye on the Product News section of our blog, subscribe to our marketing communications, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to keep up to date on everything we add to our platform. 

As always, if you’ve got ideas for features you’d like to see on our platform, feel free to email us at [email protected]. Thanks for continuing to work with us, take care and stay safe!

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