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Winter 2018 Product Release Notes

We’ve been busy this winter creating new features and working on updates to make Voices even better for all of our different customer groups. Here is a quick roll-up of our major (and some minor) releases from the last couple months.

Don’t forget to scroll to the end to get a sneak peek of what we’re working on next!

All Customers

Increased File Limits

As projects have increased in complexity on Voices, so has the need to upload larger finished audio files. We’ve increased the file capacity to 2GB to provide a platform that can handle it all.

Read more here.

Broadcast Budget Minimums

Based on feedback from our various groups, we’ve reinstated minimums for broadcast (TV and radio) work. Jobs under these minimums won’t be posted. In these instances, we let the client know about the minimum budget requirements to give them the option of increasing their budget, so we will be able to approve and post their job.

See them here.

Updated Job Statuses

Based on feedback, we updated job statuses to make it easier for customers to understand, at a glance, the status of a job at any point, which is particularly helpful when juggling multiple projects at once.

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See Job Status Information for Clients

See Job Status Information for Talent

Updates to the Terms of Service

This update included clarification around job posting details, ownership, and community and content guidelines. This update came around from the addition of new users to the Voices platform as well new job types.

Read the blog here.

Migration to Amazon Web Services

One of our biggest shifts this last season was making the move to the cloud. You may have noticed improvements to general site speed and responsiveness, but now we’re also more secure than ever!


Union Jobs

Officially launched in January, the new union jobs option gives producers the ability to connect with top union talent agencies. Thanks to feedback from clients and talent agencies, a number of improvements have also been made since then, including:

  • Ability to search by metro area on the union job invitation page
  • Ability to filter by marked talent agencies to confirm selection prior to posting
  • Mass notification to invited talent agencies when updates are made to live job postings
  • Ability to clone union jobs
  • Estimated recording date(s)/locations added to job form

Keep an eye out for more updates to union jobs, including Download All for audition files.


Update for Talent Not Yet Reviewed

Talent have told us that not having a feedback rating can make it difficult to secure opportunities, particularly if the stars are greyed out which could be misinterpreted as having a “0” rating vs not yet getting rated.

To help clarify this, we’ve changed how this appears to clients by removing the grey stars and replacing them with ‘Not Yet Reviewed’. This is also helpful if a talent has already been hired or is in the process of completing a job but hasn’t been given a star rating yet.

Talent Agents

Multi-Audition Upload

Talent agencies have the unique situation of representing multiple talent that can all be submitted for a job. In order to simplify their auditioning process, we’ve created a new feature that allows easy management of multiple auditions for one job.

What We’re Working On

Interface Update 2018

In the next months, you’re going to see a refreshed Voices! These updates will visually unify the site, make it incredibly mobile friendly, and get you the information you need with less effort.

Updated Talent Emails

VoiceMatch and job emails are getting a facelift as well, to be more informative and provide answers when you need them. These emails will have a change in subject lines, so be aware if you have any inbox rules set up!

Talent Profile Wizard Updates

One consistent piece of feedback we hear from talent is that the profile wizard isn’t as helpful as it could be when updating or creating a profile. These updates will help to explain what each section of your profile does and how you can improve it to get the most out of Voices.

Talent Agency Playlists

A challenge for our newest customers, talent agents, is how to best display their rosters for clients to review. This season will see the release of ‘Playlists’ where agents can create lists of similar talent and demos to showcase on their profiles.

‘Download All’ Feature for Union Jobs

Some union producers have let us know that the freedom to sort through responses offline is important to their creative process. An upcoming release will allow producers to download all union job responses to a Zip file.

Multi-User Account Updates

The number of users that are choosing to collaborate with team members on Voices is growing and we’ve gathered feedback that will help us improve the experience. We’ll be working on improvements to things like team notifications and more in the coming months.

Client ‘My Home’ Updates

With the addition of union jobs, keep an eye out for the first of a series of updates to make ‘My Home’ a more helpful page, with updated links and information.

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