Petite Events Case Study

Petite Events found the perfect voice to personify the island of Gozo for their video series.

The words "I Am Gozo" displayed on a photo of the island of Gozo.
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“I am Gozo.” 

These three words open a transfixing montage of aerial footage of Gozo, an island in the Maltese archipelago. 

Petite Events, a Maltese destination and events management company, had already crafted a stunning video tribute to the island of Malta entitled “I Am Malta.” After their first video’s success, the company then set out to create a second video depicting the breathtaking landscapes of Malta’s older sister: Gozo. 

To personify the island of Gozo, Petite Events sought out a senior voice artist whose vocal delivery would reflect the rich history of the scenic Mediterranean destination. The company put out a casting call on Voices in search of an actor with a British accent whose voice sounded genuine and articulate. Petite Events was delighted to come across the perfect fit for the role in the form of voice actor Aly Drummond

Drummond’s performance exquisitely gave voice to Gozo and made for a stellar addition to their video series showcasing the islands of Malta. 

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