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Markus Lopez

Markus Lopez

Monrovia, California, US
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Markus Lopez

Markus Lopez

  Monrovia, California, US

Markus Lopez Radio Commercials


Announcer Car Salesman Dude Guy Next Door Alpha Male Animated Authoritative Believable Caring Confident Conversational Happy Go Lucky Manly/Masculine Narrator Sophisticated North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

Conversational, relaxed, friendly voice. Warm, resonant, sincere baritone voice. Relaxed, conversational, believable soft sell attitudes such as friendly, calm, cool, soothing, sentimental, story telling, caring, trustworthy regular guy next door and down to earth.

Also strong professional hard sell attitudes such as serious, newsy, authoritative, confident, energetic, enthusiastic and convincing. New edgy attitudes such as argumentative, flippant, sarcastic, wry, bored, monotonous monotone, deadpan, offbeat, casual and smartass.

Dramatic reads such as movie trailer (Don LaFontaine ), tv promo, audiobook or natural regular guy on the street testimonial reads. A wide variety of character attitudes like big announcer parody, sinister, evil villain, surfer dude, superhero, hip, geek, nerd, goofy, jolly, rad, sick, naive, wild, insane, crazy, mad, angry, nutty, funny and humorous.

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