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Colleen Duffy
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Colleen Duffy

Los Angeles, CA & Cleveland, Ohio, US

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Colleen Duffy

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Colleen Duffy

  Los Angeles, CA & Cleveland, Ohio, US

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Young Adult

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allure, aloof, amusing, angry, animated, attitude, awkward, authentic, authoritative, bossy, bubbly, cartoon, abrupt, aged, aggressive, annoying, antagonistic, athletic, articulate, attentive, attractive, believable, biting, bold, blue collar, booming, brave, brooding, calm, calming, casual, child-like, chipper, classy, cocky, comforting, commanding, concerned, condescending, concerned, confident, confused, conversational, corporate, country, crackly, crazy, creepy, cute, cynical, dangerous, deadpan, deep, defeated, demonic, ditzy, dynamic, easygoing, eccentric, edgy, educational, egotistical, enchanting, energetic, enchanting, endearing, energetic, engaging, enthusiastic, entitled, evil, exaggerated, excited, exhausted, exotic, explosive, extreme, fast-paced, feminine, flirty, forceful, friendly, funny, geeky, nerdy, genuine, girly, gravelly, gritty, happy, happy go lucky, hard sell, heroic, high energy, hip, holiday, humorous, husky, hyper, immature, immature, impatient, informative, inquisitive, inspirational, intelligent, intimidating, jovial, know-it-all, knowledgeable, laid back, lazy, lisp, low pitched, lyrical, mature, measured, medical, mellow, melodramatic, mischievous, monotone, moody, motivational, movie trailer, mysterious, narrator, natural, nonchalant, nurturing, old time radio, ominous, over the top, perky, persuasive, playful, political, posh, professional, professorial, proud, radio, raspy, reassuring, religious, retail, robotic, romantic, royal, sad, sarcastic, sassy, saucy, scary, scientific, serious, sincere, singing, skeptical, sketchy, slow paced, smiling, smooth, snarky, snobby, soft spoken, soothing, sophisticated, spacey, spooky, straightforward, strong, sultry, sweet, sympathetic, technical, thoughtful, tired, toothless, tough, trustworthy, upbeat, uplifting, upper class, uptight, velvety, villainous, wacky, warm, whimsical, witty, worried, youthful

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