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Brian Stivale

Hollywood - Los Angeles, California, US

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Brian Stivale

  Hollywood - Los Angeles, California, US

African Accent (General African) AFRICA, MY AFRICA- By I.A. Laworè

Announcer Host/Interviewer Narrator Professor Teacher Authentic Authoritative Believable Commanding Deep Foreign Knowledgeable Low Pitched Proud Warm Central African Central African (Congolese) East Africa (Kenyan)

Voice Age
Middle Aged

Of the plethora of Accents and Dialects that Brian Stivale offers as a Voice Actor, AFRICAN is one that he does (believe it or not) quite frequently. Brian's African Accents (Congolese, Sierre Leonean, Ghanan, Kenyan, Nigerian, Sudanese, Ugandan, Libyan, Egyptian and South African Accents are heard internationally on platforms like SKYPE, The International Health Organization and Ebola Awareness websites in addition to Radio and Television work. Here he offers I.A. Laworè's \"AFRICA, MY AFRICA\" to showcase a dramatic GENERIC AFRICAN ACCENT.

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