On-Platform Policy: Talent

On-Platform Policy: Talent

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How to Use Voices
Key Questions About the Terms of Service
What We're Doing About Suspicious Activity

How to Use Voices

At Voices, we strive to create a community that is welcoming, engaging and beneficial to everyone. This is clearly demonstrated in our Terms of Service policy. 


Below you’ll find different situations in which the Terms of Service Policy will help, what questions to ask yourself, and tips on navigating the situation. Most violations are accidental and result in an educational warning. However, if more violations occur, this can result in account termination. For more information on our Community Guidelines please click here.

Key Questions About the Terms of Service

Here are some key questions to consider when thinking about whether a Client request will result in a Terms of Service violation and how to handle them.


What to Do

Sharing contact or personal information

  • Is the Client asking me for my personal information for any purpose unrelated to a live-directed session? (Connecting off the platform for a live directed session is only permitted AFTER an agreement has been accepted on the platform).

  • Is the Client leading me away from the Voices site and expressing an interest in making a payment elsewhere?

  • Is the Client asking me to send files off the platform before a payment is made or an agreement is sent to me?


What to do if a client asks you to share your personal information

If a Client asks to work offsite or requests personal contact information, we encourage you to reply to let them know that work will need to stay on the site, and they can share any details on Voices. 

Talent have successfully used the following verbiage, "Thank you for reaching out! It is best practice to keep all communications on the platform. Can you share the details here, please?"

Is there ever a time when it’s okay to share contact information?

Yes, if the Client has sent you a Job Agreement and they require a live-directed session, then this would be a situation where sharing your contact details is permitted. Once the session has been completed, all communication/files/payments will remain on the platform.


Taking work off Voices

  • Is the Client offering to take the job off the platform to circumvent the platform fee?

  • Has the Client deliberately guided me offsite using the messages function on the Voices platform?

  • Did the Client discover my services or abilities through the Voices platform and then attempt to work with me offsite?

  • Is the Client offering a full-time or recurring opportunity off the platform or through another payment provider (ex. Venmo)?

  • Has the Client asked me to contact someone else from their team /or themselves off the platform via phone/email/ zoom/skype etc. before sending an agreement?

  • Is the Client asking me to fill out a form (ex. Google Doc) with my personal information (other than an NDA after a deposit has been made)?


Using work outside of the scope of the agreement 

Voices is available to provide dispute resolution services if the need arises. 

If you believe a Client is misusing your work (breach of agreement), please contact Customer Support. A Customer Support representative will clarify the usage details with the Client and facilitate a renewal payment if both parties agree. Voices is not obligated to enforce or collect additional usage payments should the Client refuse. 

Please note: Dispute resolution will only be provided when the entire transaction, including communication regarding the usage details, is conducted on the Voices site.

Fraudulent job postings

  • Is the Client expressing a sense of urgency in communicating off platform?

  • Is the Client offering a full-time or recurring opportunity off platform or through another payment provider? (ex. Venmo)

  • Has the Client asked me to contact someone else from their team/or themselves off platform via phone/email/ Zoom/Skype etc. before sending a Job Agreement on Voices?

  • Is the Client asking for sensitive information (ex. passport number, birth certificate, driver's license etc.)?

  • Is the Client asking me to fill out a form (ex. Google Doc) with my personal information (other than an NDA after a deposit has been made)?

  • Did the Client offer me a job without listening to my audition?


How to identify suspicious activity 

  • You’ve been contacted about a Voices job outside of the Voices platform.

  • You’ve been contacted by someone acting as a Voices employee who does not have a Voices.com email. 

  • You’ve been asked to submit a payment to a Client to ensure you can complete a job.

  • You’ve been asked to provide personal information, including but not limited to your address, banking details, or passport information.

  • You’ve been asked to send files off the platform before a payment is made or an agreement is sent.

What to do if you encounter suspicious activity

Report a concern directly on the Job Details or email [email protected].

Don’t give clients personal information, such as your address, birth date, passport or social security number, or credit card or banking information.


Other potential Term of Service Violations

  • Do you have a child account (anyone under 18 years of age)?

  • Have you submitted an audition for a child under the age of 18?

  • After you were hired, did the Client disclose the project would be used for anything other than what was listed in the agreement?

  • Did the Client use your audition file without your consent?


Child accounts

To stay in accordance with the Kids Online Safety Act, in May of 2021 we made changes to our Terms of Service Agreement which state that users of Voices must be over the age of majority per their state to use Voices, even if under the management of a parent or guardian. Account or demo samples featuring a voice over talent under the age of majority must be removed from the platform and our Talent community must refrain from submitting auditions on behalf of those under the age of majority.



If you’re still unsure of what to do, please reach out to [email protected], and we would be happy to assist you.

What We're Doing to Address Suspicious Activity

We are also doing our part to protect you. All jobs undergo a review and approval process through our internal review system. When we become aware of spam and suspicious activity, we:

  1. Cancel the job posting and suspend the Client
  2. Follow up with any Talent who has reported the job posting
  3. Send out Terms of Service violation notices to any users (Client or Talent) who have broken the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines
  4. Investigate each account carefully to proactively address any future attempts

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