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How Do I Send a Message to Talent?

In order to contact a talent on Voices via your Messages tab you must have responses to your job posting. This is to help avoid abuse of our system and reduce spam messages.

If you have posted a job and have received responses, you can send a message by doing the following:

  1. Go to Jobs > Hiring.

  2. Click the Responses tab.

  3. Locate the talent you would like to send a message to.

  4. Click the Message button.

  5. A message box will pop-up. Fill in your message, hit send, and it will go directly to that talent's Voices' inbox.

No contact information is exchanged through this method and the talent's email address as well as your own remains hidden.

How Do I Communicate With Talent That I’ve Hired?

If you have already awarded your job, both you and the talent will have access to contact one another easily through the Voices messaging service. A message thread is opened as soon as an agreement is accepted. These messages are tied to a job and provide a way to keep conversation around a project contained. You can navigate to these messages either through the job itself, or finding the correct thread via your messages tab.

Can I Get Direct Contact Information for a Talent?

To protect clients and talent on the Voices marketplace, direct contact information is hidden. Should you need to reach out directly to a talent, we ask that you you email [email protected].

On a professional service job, communication is handled by the Account Manager that has posted the job only at the request of the client.

It is against the Voices Terms of Service to provide direct contact information prior to payment being made.

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