WHAT IS SurePay™?

SurePay™ is the online payment service provided by, that processes client payments and distributes funds to voice talent for work that is completed. SurePay™ utilizes a third party bank account to hold client payments until the client has approved the completed work and authorized to pay the talent. SurePay™ helps ensure a risk-free financial transaction for both client and talent, protecting you so you receive the work you’re paying for, and protecting the talent so they get paid for the work completed.

SurePay™ is available to all members of regardless of membership level. Once you've negotiated with a selected talent you will submit a deposit linked to a Job #. As soon as receives your deposit, the voice talent you are working with is notified that they "Have New Funds" being held in trust and are asked to confirm acceptance of the payment and to start recording. You can click on "Release Payment" for the talent after receiving your audio files. If the funds are not released manually, funds are set to automatically release 14 days after the delivery deadline. 

Note: Professional Services jobs do not leverage SurePay, nor do they include the 14-day automatic release. Instead, payment will be released to talent when the client releases funds to

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