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How Are Payments Made on Voices?

When Do I Pay?

How Can I Make an Additional Payment to Talent?

How Can I Reduce A Payment To Talent?

Why is the Main Currency US Dollars?

How Are Payments Made on Voices?

Payments made to talent for jobs at Voices are done through our SurePay™ service. With SurePay™ your payment is held securely in a neutral bank account until you are satisfied with the work completed by the talent.

When Do I Pay?

When you’re ready to hire talent for your job click the 'Hire' button next to the talent of your choice in your Responses folder. You will then be prompted to make a payment for the full amount of the job, which includes the talent fee and the 3% processing fee. For more information about the Processing Fee, please read this FAQ

Once the talent has completed the work and you are satisfied with the final files, you can release the funds being held in your SurePay™ account to the talent. To do this, navigate to and click on 'Payment' from the top navigation menu and click 'Held In SurePay.' Locate the talent and the associated job and click 'Release Funds.' If the funds are not manually released, payment will be automatically released 14 days after the delivery date set in the agreement. 

Note: Professional Services jobs do not leverage SurePay™, nor do they include the 14-day automatic release. Instead, payment will be released to talent when the client releases funds to Voices.

How Can I Make An Additional Payment To Talent?

Depending on your job, it may be necessary for you to make an additional payment to talent. Reasons for an additional payment could include:
  • Revisions not included in the talent's original quote  
  • Scope changes that are outside of the original job description 
  • Changes to usage agreed upon in the original job description
  • Renewal of broadcast usage originally agreed upon between client and talent 

In these situations, talent will typically inform you via Messages that an additional payment is required to complete the revisions or do the additional work you’ve requested.

You can add a payment via the Payment or Agreements job-level tabs. Just like when you are hiring talent, you will be prompted to make a payment in the amount of the additional payment, as well as the 3% processing fee. Once a payment has been added, you will be required to follow the onscreen prompts to create a new job agreement. This new job agreement, and the original one, can be reviewed via the Agreements job-level tab.

How Can I Reduce A Payment To Talent?

Email [email protected] with the job number, talent's name, and the updated amount of money the talent should receive. Payment reductions can happen if the scope of your job has decreased and all parties are in alignment on the updated payment amount.

Why Is The Main Currency US Dollars?

Voices recognizes that the vast majority of our visitors and customers are based in the United States. Offering a standard currency simplifies payment and allows for voice talent to receive funds for work completed. 

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