Does Voices filter responses when they are submitted to clients?

Deciding Not To Filter Responses

In general terms, Voices does not do any filtering of response submissions on Self Service jobs.
When you submit your response to a client they have full access to all that you have provided. They can even download your custom response (i.e. custom demo or portfolio sample) if they are Voices Plus members (note: they will see the name of the file you are submitting when downloading it).
When they receive your audition it appears in a Responses view in their account. They have the ability to send you a direct message, hide your response, add you to a Shortlist, or hire you by awarding the job and making immediate payment for your services.

It's our belief that our role is to serve as the trusted intermediary between the talent and the client.  As such, we take every means possible to fulfil that role.

Filtering of Managed Service Job Responses

When a client chooses to work with Voices's Managed Services department by posting a Managed Service job, the Voices Account Manager holding the casting call filters through received auditions at the client's request and presents them with a shortlist that best matches the client's requirements. Clients let us know how many samples they'd like to review. Once presented, the onus is on the client to make the final casting decision.

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