How do I ask for an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

Requesting a Non-Disclosure Agreement

If you are posting a Self Service job and will require an NDA from talent, you will need to state directly in the job description that the talent selected will need to sign an NDA for your job. 
Once you have filled out your job posting details please save it as a Draft and then contact us so that we can review the job and remove it from Google-Indexing before posting it live.
Create your job posting with enough information to allow talent to bid with some accuracy (word count or read time, region(s), vocal direction) but worded in such a way that no proprietary details are disclosed. 
You may attach a sample script to your job posting in order to receive custom demos without having to provide confidential material. To reduce visibility, you can post a Private job for a limited number of talent. 
Once you have received auditions and selected a talent member NDAs can be sent as required. 

Engaging Our Professional Services Group

If you'd like the team to be responsible to acquiring the necessary signatures and/or provide you with our own Non-Disclosure Agreement, signed by the CEO, we'd be happy to do so.

When posting a Full Service job, simply indicate that a NDA will be needed when describing job requirements or let your Account Manager know when they call to finalize the details of your job.


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