How do I download previously uploaded files from my job?

Downloading Files

If you have previously Completed a Self Service job through Voices the files are stored within the job itself and are permanently available to you.
To access files for a Completed job:
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to Jobs > Completed.
  3. Click on the appropriate job title.
  4. Navigate to the Files tab.
  5. Locate the required file and click the download link.
You will be able to download any file as many times as you need to.

Files & Managed Service Jobs

Beginning in February of 2017, project files for Managed Service jobs can be accessed as described above.

On older jobs that predate the launch of the Managed Service job type your Account Manager will have shared a file download link or delivered smaller files via email. If you need access to any files from jobs posted with the Managed Services team prior to February 2017 you can request them from your Account Manager.

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