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How Do I View Payments Made For Me Through Voices.Com?

What’s Surepay?

Selecting Your Payment Preference

Understanding Payment Statuses

What Is The Minimum Deposit That Voices.Com Will Payout?

Why Is The Main Currency Us Dollars?

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To view payments made for you through the SurePay™ escrow service, you can do the following:

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Click on “Payments” to view all payments.

On the Payments screen, you'll see a list of your payments with information such as the job the payment was for, the date you received the payment and the amount.

To see more information related to a payment, tap through the listing to view the Payment Details.

Here, you'll see payment details such as:

  • The client's name

  • The deposit date

  • The payout date

  • The payment amount

  • The job title

This information is also available through our mobile apps on Android and iOS.


SurePay™ Escrow Service is the online payment service provided by that processes client payments, and distributes funds to voice talent for work that is completed.

SurePay™ Escrow Service utilizes a third party bank account to hold client payments until the client has approved the completed work and authorized to pay the talent. SurePay™ helps ensure a risk-free financial transaction for both client and talent by ensuring clients receive the work they were paying for, and ensuring talent get paid for completed work.


You can select your payout preferences by clicking on your profile picture at the top-right and then selecting “SurePay Settings” from within the drop-down menu, or by clicking the link below:

Funds released between Saturday and Friday will be paid out the following Friday.

  1. PayPal: Enter in your PayPal email address. If you'd like to receive a currency other than US dollars, you can always convert the funds within your PayPal account.

  2. Check issued in USD: Make sure your mailing information is present in your profile. If you choose to be paid by check, you'll receive a corporate check mailed to you, which typically takes 10-15 business days.


  • Payments under the Held in Escrow tab are still being held by, as the client has not yet clicked the “Release Payment” button or 14 days has not yet passed since the delivery date for automatic release of the funds to occur.

  • Payments under the Completed tab have either been authorized to be released or have already been paid out to you by

You may also review payment details such as the deposit date, release date and transaction number by clicking on the transaction number.

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM BUDGET FOR JOBS ON VOICES.COM? requires clients to select a Talent Budget that meets a minimum amount that is specific to the type of work they are requesting in their job posting. Talent Budget minimums ensure that that clients are successful in finding a professional voice actor that meets their needs, and that voice actors are fairly compensated for their work. 

Union projects are subject to union scale and are negotiated directly with the talent's agent.

WHY IS THE MAIN CURRENCY US DOLLARS? recognizes that the vast majority of voice over clients and voice over talent are are based in the United States.

Offering a standard currency simplified payment and allows for voice talent to receive funds for work completed, while offering the option for talent to receive payment through PayPal ensures that talent can receive funds in the currency of their choice.

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