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Understanding the Voices Search Engine
Which Demo Will Appear in Search Results?
Why Can't I Find My Profile in Search?
How Do Clients Browse for Talent?

Understanding the Voices Search Engine

The Talent Marketplace

The Voices search engine is driven by the contents of your profile and your demos. If a client searches for a keyword or category that matches information on your profile, it's likely that you will appear in search results. 

For best results, be sure to complete your profile accurately, including as much information as possible about you and the voice over skills you offer, in addition to the elements that make up your professional portfolio (i.e. demos).

Talent Packages

Packages in search are displayed in the results based on the relevancy of the keywords entered in relation to a Package Title. 

Additionally, if a client uses filters to further refine/define their search results, the attributes of the package will be used to only show the relevant results of the selected filters.

If there is no initial keyword used, the search results are randomized. Then filters can be used to filter down those randomized results. If a name or username is used as the search term/keyword, then that Talent and their packages will be shown at the top of the results. 

Which Demo Will Appear in Search Results?

When adding voice over categories and demos to your profile, you’re able to select one demo per category to be ‘Featured’. This Featured Demo will appear at the top of your profile, in Search results, and in the Browse directory. 

That being said, your selected Featured Demo is not necessarily always the one presented in search results, as the search query dictates which demo is presented.

Here are a few things that you should know about this feature:
  1. Language overrides Featured Demo;
  2. Skill overrides Featured Demo;
  3. ​Age Range overrides Featured Demo (Age Range is Voice Over Only.)
In addition to the Search Engine, clients can find you via matching through VoiceMatch and Browse.

Why Can't I Find My Profile in Search?

There are a number of reasons that you may not be able to locate your profile using the search engine. To troubleshoot, ask yourself the following questions:

Have you logged in to your account in the last 90 days?

After 90 days of inactivity on your account (i.e. you have not logged in once over a 90-day period), your profile is automatically hidden from Search in an effort to ensure clients are getting relevant search results and interacting with active talent. Your account will still be active and you’ll still be able to log into your Voices account and make changes at any time. Premium talent will continue to receive VoiceMatchTM invitations for jobs you match, even if they are hidden from Search due to inactivity. Once you log back in, your profile will return to search results. 

Is there a demo uploaded to the profile?

Without at least one demo uploaded, your profile is effectively invisible to the search engine. To ensure visibility across a variety of searches it is a good idea to make sure that you have at least one demo uploaded with all the information properly filled out. More than one demo is certainly recommended.

Have you filled out the demo fields?

The more fields you have completed when uploading or editing a demo, the more likely the terms you use and information you provide will be searched by clients.

Have you indicated where you are located?

If you wish to land local work, be sure to include the city of residence in the ‘Displayed Address’ section of your Profile (or your closest metropolitan city if you live in a suburban area). If travel to surrounding cities is possible, then make a list of them in the ‘About’ section as well.

How Do Clients Browse for Talent?

Talent Marketplace

At any time, clients can access the Browse experience from the main sub-navigation bar (or sub-nav). Here they’ll be able to select any of our voice over categories, or choose to browse all talent. We’ve also got some additional ways to browse voice over talent, like by Language, Voice Age, Accents, Style, and Role.

Once clients make their selection, they’ll be taken to a page that displays a grid-style listing of potential talent for them to review and privately invite to a job. Each talent ‘card’ includes the talent name, profile photo, ratings and reviews, location, top demo, and a button to view their profile in more detail. 

Talent Packages

Clients can browse packages at www.voices.com/projects and access popular search options at the bottom of this page, like Price and Delivery Time.

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