How Does The Search Engine Work?

The search engine is driven by the contents of your profile and audio files, and works similarly for both the freelance and union marketplace.

For best results, be sure to complete your profile accurately, including a description, gender, age, language and union status. All your demo details are searchable, so it’s important to ensure each is complete with tags, language(s), and age range(s)

Note: In the freelance marketplace search, members are displayed in order of membership type. These being: Platinum, Premium, and then Guests.

Which Demo Shows Up?


You’re able to select a Featured Demo at that will appear on each talent's profile page (freelance or union). That being said, your selected Featured Demo is NOT necessarily the one presented in search results, as the search query dictates which voice over demos are presented.

Here are a few things that you should know about this feature:

  1. Language overrides Featured Demo
  2. Category overrides Featured Demo
  3. ​Age Range overrides Featured Demo


The Directory is a categorized list of voice talent by area of expertise.  The purpose of the Directory is to provide clients with a direct link to your profile based on the recording category type they need.


There are a number of reasons that you may not be able to locate your profile using the search engine:

Is there a demo uploaded to your profile?
In order for your profile to be surfaced as a search result, there must be at least one demo uploaded to the profile. Without a demo, the profile is effectively invisible to the search. To ensure visibility across a variety of searches it is a good idea to ensure that you have demos uploaded and accurately assigned to a variety of categories.

Have you filled out the Demo Description?
This field can be searched by keyword, so any adjectives and other descriptive words added (such as clients on the demo reel) will improve search visibility.

In the Profile Highlights have you indicated where you are geographically located?
If you wish to land local work, be sure to include the city of residence in your Public Address (or your closest metropolitan city if you live in a suburban area).

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