What Do the Job Statuses Mean?

Understanding Job Statuses

The lifecycle of a job will run through several statuses. Here is an explanation of each in the order they will typically appear: 
  • DRAFT - The job is under construction and not yet submitted for review. Only clients see this status.
  • IN REVIEW - The job has been submitted and is being reviewed by Voices staff before being open for responses. This is only visible for clients.
  • HIRING - This job is accepting responses. Visible to both talent and clients.
  • DECIDING - At this point, the job is no longer accepting auditions and the client is deciding on the right talent for the gig. Both client and talent see this status.
  • OFFERING - Clients will see this once a deposit is made and an Agreement is created. Only the successful talent will see this status as a reminder to accept the Agreement.
  • WORKING - Once the Agreement is accepted by the hired talent, the job will flip to working status for both parties.
  • DONE - The project is successfully complete and payment has been released.
  • COMPLETED - Talent who have responded to a job but weren't hired will see this status instead as no further action is necessary.
  • CANCELLED - Should the project be cancelled, this status will appear for everyone.
  • DENIED - If a project was flagged during review, the client will see this status.
Quick Tip: If a client has received enough responses or needs to "turn off" submissions for some other reason, a status of Deciding can be artificially applied by the client ahead of the automatic change to Deciding at midnight. 

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