What does it take to be a professional voice talent?

Becoming a Professional Voice Talent Requires More Than a Great Voice

Career Self-Assessment
There are many career self-assessment tools out there that test your compatibility with a variety of industries and potential career paths. Your skills, abilities, interests, personality and temperament all play a vital role in the career path you choose.

What skills do you need to have as a voice talent?
There is more to voice over than just having a 'good voice.' When it comes to a career in voice overs, there are a number of qualities one should possess in order to do well. Whether you are a freelancer or work with an agent or both there are number of complementary skills and attributes that can help ensure you are headed in the right direction. Any of the skills you don't already posses can be learned by seeking out training in the industry.

Can you read aloud without stumbling?
A skilled voice over artist is able to read aloud with ease. If you stumble over your words and need to start over again then you need more practice. Try reading books, newspaper and magazine articles aloud. This is a great way to practice using a variety of writing styles which is something you'll encounter in the voice over industry.

Do you have acting abilities?
Acting is the cornerstone of voice overs. Whether you are interested in voicing business and education videos or television commercials and video games - you need to be able to act. Acting classes will improve your voice over performance no matter what area of voice over you are leaning towards.

Do you embrace technology?
This one's important, especially if you freelance. Being a freelance voice over actor means that you need to have the skills to operate all of the studio equipment as well as provide a convincing performance. There are people in the industry that can help you get familiar with your equipment and teach you how to put it to good use.

Do you have marketing know-how?
The voice over industry, like all entertainment and media fields, is teeming with talented people. So how do you get noticed? Successful voice actors are savvy marketers. Marketing the services you provide as a voice talent is critical. People won't know what you do or why they should hire you unless you tell them. There are hundreds of ways that you can spread the word about your voice over services. Get creative! Do you think running your own business is risky? Most entrepreneurs enjoy the thrill of risk. Whether you have an agent or you're freelancing, you are running your own business - you are an entrepreneur. Part of running your own business is accepting and being prepared to take some risks.

Self-Assessment Tool

Voices offers a free self-assessment tool in our help section. There are no wrong answers. By answering honestly, it will help you determine what areas you may need extra training in to establish a fulfilling career in voice over.
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