What is a private job and how do I post one?

Private Job Postings

A private job is an invitation to respond to a voice over opportunity that is only sent to one talent or a specified group of talent.

Privately Inviting Talent to a Self Service Job

  1. Login to your Voices account

  2. Perform a search for talent by entering a name in the search bar in the top right hand corner, or click Search to enter specific search criteria.

  3. Click on the Invite to Job button from a talent's profile.

  4. Enter your project details (be sure to be as detailed as possible to get the best quality responses).

  5. Click "Post Your Job."

The job will be automatically approved and the talent notified. The job will be marked as Private so that only the talent you've invited will able to reply.

To invite more talent to the same private job, click Invite to Job from another talent profile and select Existing Job.


Privately Inviting Talent to a Managed Service Job

If you are submitting a Managed Service job through your Account Manager you can simply note any talent of interest in your correspondence with them. If you think of any additional talent that you would like to audition after the job has been posted, just let your Account Manager know. They can invite them to reply for you.

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