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ASMR Youtube video on a new custom PC and custom Gaming Laptop

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now I'm in my whispering voice. It reminds some about time as he was back in school when his teaching assistants were whispering to him in exams or even in the library. This is the new laptop that Sam got toe order yesterday. The laptop is the BZ specialist. Defiance Aid. It has an Intel Core I 78 core processor with a cause and 16 threats. The laptop comes with a full HD 15.6 inch man display. Ram it. The laptop has 32 gigabytes of Dede off four running at 2666 my guards, but the storage drives the laptop will come with two times. One dara might empty to SD, which is the Samsung 9 70 Eva. But ask one em DL to sting will be used for Windows and applications, while the other will be used for storage. The team behind PC Specialist will add some extra thermal paste onto the C B U so that it will stay cool. Buddy. The fans won't be quiet That graphics God. The laptop will come with an R D. X 30 70 max Q, which is 34% faster than the rt X 2016 that was in the or a spy from 2020. But the operating system, the New Easy will come with Windows 10 home, 64 bit, and he will be upgrading it to the eye and enterprise version since his brother gave Sam do new keys after having his burst cope it, Maxine. Now let's talk about the desktop.