Terrence Miller- Santiago-The Dark Rider- Audiobook



Written by Sonny Collins. All voices produced and narrated by Terrence Miller

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Santiago saw the mansion was all lit up in celebration of what had happened earlier in town. At least a dozen men were outside drinking and laughing. He knew they would not consider him a threat as he rode in for his final payment. He hurried the black stallion through the front gate knowing that he was about to break one of his own rules. He smiled at the first ranch hand to see him. The man gave him a drunken grin. Santiago drew his guns and started shooting. The surprise of the attack caused most of the men time to wonder what was happening. Santiago's strategy was to used those few moments to his own advantage. He kept shooting as the men started to run for the house and the barn, the few that had time to draw their guns had no time to aim before they were killed. When the smoke had cleared, there were seven men dead on the ground. Santiago quickly slid off his horse and sent it away as he ducked behind a grain wagon. He could clearly see the house as someone inside went about the task of snuffing all the lights out there. Were at least three men that had run to the barn. The rest were in the house.