Terrence Miller-Tri-Dot Triathalon Training Motivational Video

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Yeah, yeah. The finish line magical, electrifying, overwhelming. Whether you sprinted with all your heart or endured the grinding test of Iron Man, there is no accomplishment. More alluring, no moment more meaningful then taking that final step and celebrating the end the first time, the 10th time, 50th time, every time the finish line always exceeds the hype, you can come across exhausted or exhilarated. You can hug a friend, strike a pose, you can shout, scream, laugh or cry, finishing is just as sweet. Anyway, you could sprint it out, walk it out, cry it out, gut it out, You can finish just in time, you can finish with time to spare, you can finish strong, you can finish spent, just get he. It doesn't matter if you're shining in the sun or soaking in the rain, you can finish on a mountain, you can finish by the sea, it can be in the middle of the street, the middle of a field, the middle of the day for the middle of the night. Either way, it's the best feeling ever. Even this kid gets it, whether it's I did it, I can't believe I did it or you're darn right I did it. Whether you're flying on adrenaline or running on fumes, Whether you say sign me up for the next one or never again. There are no wrong ways to celebrate what you've done, you can smile for the camera, High five, the crowd, you can thank the good Lord who got you there or say hi to mike, however you cross that line, you earned it sure the rest of race day is great. But look at this. Nothing compares to this. It's the hope of the finish line that calls you back to the challenge of the starting line. There is a finish line out there, calling you, let's get you back to the starting line so you can get back to the finish line. Mhm. Yeah.