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meet tom and brody. They've traveled all the way to pamplona. Spain to celebrate the running of the bulls and since bulls have been known to run up to 35 MPH, they've been practicing their sprints and leaps to window sills to make sure they can make it home without being skewered. But tom and brody also have a secret weapon for their moment in Spain to run with the bulls, they're each going to slam a can of Red bull after all. Tom and brody don't have to be faster than the bulls. They just have to be faster than the other runners. Red bull gives you wings. Buying a home can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you can afford can have you running in circles. Rocket mortgage is the simplest and most convenient way to finance a home. We provide a home buying experience that's custom designed for each client. We're dedicated to giving you certainty that your home finance and goals can be achieved. Start the approval process today from a small factory on the outskirts of Dubai, recycled timber, is transformed into unique masterpieces of quality sustainable furniture, the recycled timber that we use to create aero one as a backstory that can hold its own at any barbecue chat and is good kiwi blokes, sam and Andy love to tell a yarn shipwrecks from the Persian corridor, large wooden beams and girders from old villas in Dubai and timber from vineyards in Shiraz. Iran from the middle of nowhere, Erawan was born, yep, that's nowhere spelled backwards in 1990. Cannon became the first company to collect and recycle used copier toner cartridges. Unlike cannons, all in one cartridges, toner containers are made mainly of plastic material, making them suitable for local recycling and local energy recovery in many areas of the country. When local recycling is utilized, the environmental impact associated with the transportation of containers is reduced. The goal of this recycling program is to achieve zero landfill waste by reusing parts, recycling materials and employing energy recovery To learn more about our recycling programs. Please click here. Mm hmm.