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This is one of my audiobook recordings (Thought & Belief by Neal Fox) with a neutral and confident tone, which can be also great for narration and video voice-over and Youtube videos.

Feel free to reach out! I'd be happy to help.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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to begin with something which should be obvious. Although it is not generally believed, the physical mass of biological cells and support structure which presents to us as a human, is not actually a human being. It is instead a physical body which houses a true human. The immaterial human soul. This is an important distinction because we are defining what a true human actually is, which is the immaterial part. Most cells of the body are constantly being replaced. Therefore much of what was formerly our body died and was replaced long ago. Does that result in a new human? No. The material will sunday cease to function entirely, But the same immaterial in herself will live on forever. The material physical body interfaces with the immaterial real human, but the two exist on different levels. In fact, the two parts would be physically incompatible if God had not designed and put them together to form humans. And the immaterial is separable from the material, meaning it can exist apart from the material side, after the body ceases to function.