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Robotic, fantasy, character creation. I contributed my voice and class work to this sample.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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You're not really from around these parts, are you stranger? You should be a bit more careful about letting people know about your vacation plans here. People might just invite themselves over to the party to activate the puzzle system. Press the action button if you're having difficulty solving the puzzle in a timely manner. Slowpoke. You can always ask for a hint by pressing the hint button. But looking at you, I can tell you won't be needing that one. Videos have gotten word of our tech. Do you think they're mad? Do you think of a lien will come to our hideout? Uh however lean. She's so pretty. So that's it. You're just gonna lay down and die right now. Well, I'm not giving up. We've traveled too long and too far to give up now. The entire battalion is depending on us. Get your ***** up. We've got to keep moving. Come on. Oh, there are a billion different quantifiable ways. I could tell you how you are completely and unquestionably mistaken in your assessment. But since you wouldn't understand a fraction of a sliver of a quadrant of them, I would rather spend my time on something much more productive, like banging my head against the wall