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This project was for a residential investing project that was building an animated video focused on gaining capital for investors. The intent was for it to be used in small group settings, and to convey a sense of measured excitement.

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in today's rapidly moving world, there's been a major change in the way we choose to live, work and play our most valuable commodity. Time has been compressed in our daily lives. The balance of work life is as relevant on Wall Street as it is on Main Street. From the great recession to the housing bust, nearly everyone has been affected and many young adults have been delaying or are for going marriage while choosing to have kids later in life, if at all. As this new generation redefines the middle class and its lifestyle, their first objective is establishing a work life that will allow them to build a future while repaying a staggering amount of student debt more connected than ever, they value mobility so that they can follow the jobs in areas where the quality of life is good but affordable. Likewise, the active adult and empty nesters are choosing to downsize to simplify their lives, for example, privacy, independence, flexibility and convenience in lock and leave communities that suit their active lifestyle. These cultural and societal shifts go way beyond boom bust boom economic cycles. These demographic factors have given rise to a new sector which has brought out a new consumer, many of whom are reconsidering or deferring home ownership. In this new sector, the market has failed to produce suitable housing options for this growing pool of consumers. They require a new way to lift. They're seeking the benefit of home ownership without its burdens that come with owning a home. But instead they desire the freedom and flexibility that comes from renting, as well as the privacy and independence they get from living in a house. This new consumer is elevating the premise of renting Meet the new empowered consumer, the renter by choice, Morgan Stanley Research says the renter ships society is here to stay, and we agree. At Oasis Residential, we've analyzed these consumer preferences were determined to put a stake in the ground to relieve the needs and demands of this untapped market. It's a housing option for a new consumer, and it's here now